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Now you can have the road map and support you've been wanting! You can achieve Junior and Senior Hunt Test titles - and be prepared for Master work and field trials. All with positive methods!

We start at the foundation and work all the way to the advanced teamwork you want for complicated marking and blind retrieve scenarios.



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What's Inside

Your Coach

Jennifer Henion,  creator of Field Puppy, was certified as a KPA CTP  and a long time student of agility star, Susan Garrett. She competes in Hunt Tests and Field Trials.

Meet Jennifer

How it Works

Membership - it's not just a course. It's an experience! 

Every month you get new lesson modules, coaching and a new magazine issue. Plus 24/7 community. 

The price is $18.97 per month for as long as you subscribe. 

It's a structured program but it's also a cool place to hang out and be with like minded people. 


Coaching & Support

Personal & Group Coaching - You can send in your video or written challenge to get specific feedback and guidance.

And you can post questions and video in the private Facebook group. 

Live Coaching Calls - in the last week of each month, we get together for a live group call to go deeper on the content and discuss our wins and challenges.


The Formal Retrieve Course

Included in your Membership to Field Puppy Nation! It's our answer to Force Fetch - a complete positive reinforcement program for the conditioned Hold, Fetch and Delivery to hand.

Check it out here ...






Is it for you? - If you want to use positive methods & games of choice to train your Retriever, this is the place for you.

Or not? - If you want to use e-collar force or compulsion methods as part of your program, then this is not the resource you want.

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