Field Puppy Jumpstart - Foundations Course

A complete +R Program for the field skills you need for success.

Jumpstart your field mechanics for marks, blinds, whistle sitting and more, using highly motivating games of choice!


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The Foundations Course

For Puppies and Adult dogs


Maximize your puppy's first months - or - give your adult dog a re-set!

The Jumpstart Foundations course has everything you need to install your dog's critical field mechanics and TEAMWORK!

We use shaping and games of choice to balance DRIVE with STEADINESS.

Your dog will be doing real marks and blinds with whistle sits and casting - all before completing the Formal Retrieve process! 

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Your Coach

Jennifer Henion,  creator of Field Puppy, was certified as a KPA CTP  and a long time student of agility star, Susan Garrett. She competes in Hunt Tests and Field Trials.

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How it Works

This a comprehensive course you can use the first day you bring home your puppy.

We show you how to teach each skill using shaping and choice based games. We put them together into real field mechanics.

Our secret weapon is the famous "food bowl drill"! Which creates amazing conditioning for marks, blinds and Handling skills.


Personal Coaching - Your dog and your challenges are unique. I'm here to help you get success through video and written correspondence.

Structured Course - With video lessons and step by step downloads. 

Community Support - Both inside and outside the course portal. A big plus is our private Facebook group where you can connect to like minded people, post videos and join the discussion!

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