The Formal Retrieve: 



It's all about RELIABILITY!

That's why you need a science based, conditioning process.

Let's make +R mean something!


The Formal Retrieve Course

Learn step by step! 

A look inside:



You don't need hope or good luck when you're prepared! 

This process prepares your dog to pick-up, hold and deliver to hand, even when the stakes are high.

It uses positive reinforcement and operant conditioning to code the criteria into your dog's behavior. It was developed by KPA great Michele Pouliot, for the Guide Dog program. It was adapted by me to use with birds, gunners and all the details we need for field work. 

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Meet Your Coach

Hi! I'm Jennifer Henion. Being a student of the game AND of behavioral science has led me to help many people on their path in the sport. ...(click to see more)

How is it Done ?

This is a well proven protocol of specific steps. 

Simple criteria is shaped layer by layer with a clicker and high value rewards. 

Progress is clear and easy to transfer to real birds and real field environments. 

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Why bother...

Because it matters! The Formal Retrieve is NOT just about the Fetch or the Hold. 

In the field, think about what has to happen between the send out, the Fetch and the delivery to hand !

If your dog gets distracted, doesn't pick up the old wet bird, or tries to play "keep away", you both fail! 

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