It didn't happen overnight!

When I first started with Bucky - the handsome dog in the photo - everyone told me to Force Fetch if I wanted to succeed in the sport. 

Well, I didn't believe that. I thought I could use praise and some crafty encouragement to get a reliable retrieve. That wasn't true either.

And while Bucky was a really good boy - I quickly got frustrated at our lack of reliability. At our very first Hunt Test, he brought the bird all the way back to me, spit it at my feet and quickly turned to look for the next bird to get shot! Fail.

That led me on a very long journey - Bucky endured a lot of bad training, but he also helped me figure out a better way!  And how to motivate a low drive dog. 

Over the next nine years and lots of dogs, I made it my life's mission to learn the science of positive animal training and how to apply it to Hunt Test and Field Trial training.

It was not a straight line to success. Thousands of miles by car and airplane, thousands of dollars for courses, seminars and field events. And hundreds of dogs at my boarding kennel to learn from.

I'm so grateful for all of it and the people who helped me piece together every part into a beautiful new program. 

Field Puppy first began in 2017. It was a small course to help people jumpstart their puppy's field training. It was the same program I created for my dog Reggie. It combined the science from my certification at KPA, the games from Susan Garrett's work, and field concepts  from Hunt Tests and Trials in one easy to execute program. 

Along the way, our team has added tons of new material and amazing ways to connect with each other.

Reggie earned his Senior Hunt Test title at age 2 and is now preparing for Master tests and the Qualifying Stake in Field Trials. He is my third dog to earn a Senior title. 


With all my heart, I hope you benefit from this journey as I have - learning to communicate with dogs and people in a more kind, clear and rewarding way!

~ Jennifer


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Address: PO Box 886, Crescent City, California, 95531

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