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Hunt Test & Field Trial Blueprints And other Tools to help you learn about retriever skills. This page is coming soon...

The Formal Retrieve Course

A reliable, +R conditioning process to get amazing Fetch, Hold and Delivery to hand - anywhere with anything. We will coach you through it! 

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Field Work Foundation Course

Create the teamwork you need to succeed. Build skills with drive & steadiness. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls AND get personalized coaching with the Field Puppy Jumpstart program.

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"Jennifer, I really appreciate the thought and detail you have put into communicating this material. For me this has become not just a class about retrieve/hold, but about training excellence."

Katie McCormick
Student in the Formal Retrieve Course

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Field Puppy is a growing resource created by Jennifer Henion. She was certified as a KPA CTP and has learned under the best +R animal trainers in the world. Plus - she knows the sport!

"To make it possible for more people to succeed in Retriever sports with positive reinforcement training, we need a reliable program. A system that builds a solid foundation and gives you the tools to overcome challenges. That's my mission! And I know I've done that with this Foundation course and the Formal Retrieve course!"

Jennifer Henion

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